The Universe compels you.

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Especially this excerpt:

…Chance is everywhere. That’s why human beings like to put numbers on things. As footholds.

We also like to touch things.

If you leave a pair of dice on a table, you can be sure that someone will roll them. I think there are two main reasons for this – and they are simple ones.

1. People love the feel of dice. There is something beautiful about the touch-hold-clack of picking dice up that can only be matched by the open-clack-tumble of letting them roll. Dice feel good. The sound of dice is important too. The shake is mainly about hearing the bones rattle. The next time you see someone roll dice, watch to see if they ever close their eyes when they let them go. I think you might be surprised by how many people do this. That’s the player listening for the sound of the dice hitting the table – their auditory cue that something in the universe has changed.

2. It’s important to know what the result is. Dice on a table, unrolled, tell us nothing. They are just objects. Just things. The number you can read from them before you roll them is meaningless. It isn’t the result of anything. It’s just there. But when you roll those dice, you get an actual result. You might even get the same number on both dice – a result that means you need to re-roll to see what the next result is. Results are important. An unrolled dice is an unfinished story.

[edit: I am now in the rudimentary stages of an art installation project that consists of a pair of dice sitting alone in an empty room fabricated at a size too big for anyone to roll. E.]

And finally, poignantly:

When “luck” is with us, and we create a freakish sequence of results, we move subtly into a realm that makes us uncomfortable. It is The Kingdom of This-Can’t-Be. If you roll doubles forever, you must be something separate from the rest of the human race. You must be a god. And this can’t possibly be. So you roll and roll again, until everything in the universe rights itself. Until, if within the confines of some sort of game, you lose.

You then believe you can’t lose forever. And so you roll.

You are either a God or a Fool. You can’t be both.

Dice instruct us on the truth of what we are. It is a comforting truth indeed.

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