If you're a foodie like me, these graphical information sheets are a goldmine of data to have on hand, and are organized in an easy to read, user-friendly format. http://sodapic.com/22-kitchen-cheat-sheet-guide-basic-cooking-techniques/ Read More


The second verse of Jay-Z's 99 Problems [uncensored Vimeo link opens in new window] is dissected by a Saint Louis University Law Professor, here: http://slu.edu/Documents/law/Law%20Journal/Archives/LJ56-2_Mason_Article.pdf [pdf document opens in a new window] Definitely worth a read, whether you are a student of ...Read More


Mere words won't do justice to the surreal gifs of Milos Rajkovic here: http://milosrajkovic.tumblr.com/, but I will say that the art is one part Edward Gory, one part Monty Python bumper, one part vivisection horror film, and one part circus ...Read More

Going back over old posts, I realized I hadn't posted from the excellent TrendSpotting since 2010. Allow me herewith to correct this egregious oversight: http://trendwatching.com/trends/10trends2013/ Read More


Solid--albeit brief--advice on the craft of good writing by the grandaddy of Mad Men, and the founder and patron saint of the modern advertising age, David Ogilvy: http://tangentsanddistractions.com/david-ogilvy-writing-lessons/ Read More


A considered documentary, warm to it's subject, on the making of Dr. Strangelove: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJ6BiRtGTAk Read More


Peanuts Cartoons by Charles Shultz coupled with Smiths lyrics. Oddly compelling. http://thischarmingcharlie.tumblr.com/ Read More

A great entry for the writing series from http://cultureprn.tumblr.com/post/9176218270/thought-verbs-by-chuck-palahniuk THOUGHT VERBS BY CHUCK PALAHNIUK A friend in my writing group passed this along to me. A bible of sorts for aspiring writers:?? In six seconds, you’ll hate me.?But in six months, you’ll be ...Read More


This. THIS. RIGHT. HERE. is exactly what a travel journal / moleskine should be: http://drawntheroadagain.com/ Do yourself a favor and spend some time with this talented gentleperson's sketches. Read More

http://official.fm/tracks/2jgt Read More