A great entry for the writing series from http://cultureprn.tumblr.com/post/9176218270/thought-verbs-by-chuck-palahniuk THOUGHT VERBS BY CHUCK PALAHNIUK A friend in my writing group passed this along to me. A bible of sorts for aspiring writers:?? In six seconds, you’ll hate me.?But in six months, you’ll be ...Read More


The first in a series, as the title may suggest. I've got a script in the vault at the Academy somewhere where they keep those things. In retrospect, I think I submitted it prematurely, but it was the culmination of ...Read More


Raymond Chandler, "The Simple Art of Murder"(1950) Fiction in any form has always intended to be realistic. Old-fashioned novels which now seem stilted and artificial to the point of burlesque did not appear that way to the people who first ...Read More


So, I know I said that this blog would be a bit more revelatory going forward. Well, it is. I didn't go to all this trouble for nothing: know and understand that the Grosse Pointe Blank soundtrack is "THE MUSIC ...Read More


Stories like this fascinate me. http://www.vice.com/read/kokies-v15n1 From the comments: Saul Goode · Free Lance at Freelance · 338 subscribers Someone should make a Kokie's reader. The name of the salsa band was "TNT" and I seem to remember a Japanese horn section. I ...Read More


"...And all those moments will be lost in time like tears...in the rain..." For some reason I've recently encountered several references to an iconic film that entered my consciousness in young adulthood and was instrumental in helping shape my fascination of, ...Read More


Grantland writer Alex Pappademas has a great essay posted about Community's erstwhile showrunner, tv writer and web demigod Dan Harmon. As season four of the popular-but-not-quite-as-popular-as-network-executives-would-like sitcom Community starts hitting it's stride, the banished creator Harmon winds down the most ...Read More


This is a little bit different entry for what is typically a visually-centric blog about mind candy, but bear with me... I can't say for certain, but it wouldn't surprise me a bit if, when the creative teams at Weiden & ...Read More

We should append to the list of "trends to watch to create greater marketing success" our own list crafted to create success. I developed this list almost 30 years ago when I was still a kid. I may've changed them ...Read More

From Trendwatch comes a list of 10 trends to watch in the coming year (click for full list), presented here in outline form: BUSINESS AS UNUSUAL Forget the recession: the societal changes that will dominate 2010 were set in motion way before ...Read More