So, I know I said that this blog would be a bit more revelatory going forward. Well, it is. I didn't go to all this trouble for nothing: know and understand that the Grosse Pointe Blank soundtrack is "THE MUSIC ...Read More


I know I'm only writing this for my own amusement; that I'm really the only one who reads these posts on purpose, but I figure maybe someday when I'm gone, someone in the family trying to figure out what made ...Read More

An amazing collection of images from Seattle's days gone by here: Will the last person out of the photo set please turn off the lights. Read More


Our good friends over at have a trove of (apparently) FREE vintage poster art for your perusal. They'll even print them for you. Making them a perfect gift for the wine, food, travel, film, or design aficionado in your ...Read More


All The Young Punks, at least those of the early movements core contingent (UK, pre-78) are collected, reviewed, remembered, catalogued, and cross-referenced in the ultimate guide to Punk Rock, Punk77: Team that with Trouser Press ( and you have at your ...Read More