Grantland writer Alex Pappademas has a great essay posted about Community's erstwhile showrunner, tv writer and web demigod Dan Harmon. As season four of the popular-but-not-quite-as-popular-as-network-executives-would-like sitcom Community starts hitting it's stride, the banished creator Harmon winds down the most ...Read More


Famous label Blue Note, evergreen guardians and purveyors of aural excellence have a visual component as well: a timeline of Blue Note publishing. This embarrassment of riches is a visual representation of the history of Blue Note told through their ...Read More


For more than a decade Blogger Dan Hill has been journaling an amazing amalgam of Design, Media and Culture. Making his presence felt on the web since the web was still in knee pants, City of Sound is like ...Read More

The Joker. Silicone sculpture by Bobby Causey. ...because Bobby Causey has been honing his craft for more than a decade. Plus, you know: talent, dedication, attention to detail, care, direction, desire. Some things can be taught, some can't. I don't ...Read More


Four Square Books Tarzan book cover painting. Artist unknown. Here's a little valentine for your inner (feral) child. As visualized first only in the mind of author Edgar Rice Burroughs and then in the collective minds of adventure readers everywhere, now ...Read More