There was a time when, if you wanted a vessel for your crematory remains you could choose between an old shoe box, a MJB coffee can, or something that looked like Louis the Fourteenth's bedpan. But not any more: Thanks ...Read More


Discovering your muse is easier than ever with the newly updated and reorganized Library of Congress archives. The link provides easy access to this treasure trove of images, movies, sounds and printed ephemera. An embarrassment of riches, and public domain. ...Read More


With Inside New York Eateries, artist Wijnanda Deroo continues her long-term exploration of the architectural interior as a genre of photographic investigation. Deroo scoured New York's five boroughs documenting the full spectrum of the city's culinary institutions. From Cafe 233; ...Read More


This is a little bit different entry for what is typically a visually-centric blog about mind candy, but bear with me... I can't say for certain, but it wouldn't surprise me a bit if, when the creative teams at Weiden & ...Read More


IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE / FA YEUNG NIN WA (2000) THE MATRIX (1999) Feature length films compressed frame by frame, each into single pixel wide strips, to create a sort of cinematic barcode. Though, at 30 fps, the bar would have ...Read More


"I live in a steel box" is not a phrase that conjures romantic notions of mid-century cool; the evocative 'Mad Men' swagger that Julius Shulman captured in his iconic images of Case Study 22. But to look at these boxes, ...Read More


A short history of Lego from depression-era Sweden to modern day global juggernaut, and its packaging, presented by, if not a noted expert, then at least an informed and admiring fan. See it here: Codex99 Read More


This blog started out as an extension of something I used to do in a few shops where I worked: Every morning I would send a link to all the creatives of something cool to look at. I called it ...Read More


So, about a year ago I posted an entry here about Vector Art, featuring those sort of swirly, floral, what-would-have-been-ink-on-paper-before-the-age-of-Illustrator works that were cool and ubiquitous just a scant 12 months ago. Here's an example of a different form of ...Read More