From the WTF file, here's the Governor of the State of California hawking soft drinks. Read More

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An upcoming RFP opportunity has me thinking about packaging a great deal (or a greater deal, at least) lately. When that happens, there's only one thing to do: aim my laser-like focus on The Dieline. The cool thing about The Dieline ...Read More

Two new posts in the same day is a new personal best, but I wanted to put this up while I was thinking about it. Truth be told, I wanted a quick reference to it for myself while "mobiling."* A great ...Read More


Trendwatching is a pleasurable pastime for some, and a very serious science for others.  takes the latter and—through a thoughtful combination of skillful writing and editing—makes it the former; win/win. Also a win for businesses, marketing and brand consultants (like ...Read More