I get as much a charge from new designs in architecture as from print and web. That's why spaceinvading.com has become a regular stop for me. The site is all about the photography of the designed spaces, sculptures, installations ...Read More


Couple of days since the last musing. Miss me? Yeah, didn't think so. Flipping through a web design portfolio book the other day, I came across a site that looked intriguing.  headautomatica.com is a nice looking layout, especially considering the ...Read More

Often under appreciated (though sometimes more than adequately appreciated given the occasionally questionable artistic merit), the firecracker label is nevertheless the inspiration for at least a couple of books, an occasional gallery booking, and an annual buying frenzy (okay, that ...Read More


I've never been too sure in all the time I've been following it exactly what this (mostly) photo-blog is about. Or rather, I'm pretty sure I know what FuturePerfect is about, but find myself at a loss to adequately describe it. ...Read More