It appears that it's been a while since I've posted on here. It may be that no one has noticed. If that's the case, ouch. Anyway, I've been a little busy, but I'm back with more mayhem, memes and memories ...Read More

Our new good, ah, friend at nathan friend sliced off a piece of my youth and launched it into yesterday's tomorrow, updating the classic Spiro-Graph. Inspirograph is the digital version of a favorite childhood toy slash art maker. Find it ...Read More

The Universe compels you. Read the full article here: Especially this excerpt: ...Chance is everywhere. That’s why human beings like to put numbers on things. As footholds. We also like to touch things. If you leave a pair of dice on a table, you ...Read More

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A selection of illustrations from the Golden Age of Advertising, following along from an ancient post...finally, here: Read More

The Folger Library has opened it's collection of images to the Creative Commons. More than 80,000 images related to Shakespeare free for public use can be found here: [Link opens in new tab]. Read More

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The inestimable Mallory Ortberg writes on the inimitable Ralph Wiggums. One of a series of character studies available in her archive on The Toast. Read More

As usual, I'm late again posting retail trends to watch in 2014. But, the information is still good and I would certainly expect these trends to carry over beyond 2014. TrendWatching agrees with me. From the TrendWatch [link opens in ...Read More

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